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CBD for Pets

Discover CBD for your beloved pets that’s made from premium hemp and the wholesome ingredients they deserve. 

Pet CBD allows you to give the best quality of life to your four-legged companion. Using artisan-extracted hemp and a few natural ingredients, our products can be enjoyed by humans and pets alike. CBD pet products will encourage a deep state of calm while working therapeutically to lubricate joints, resolve pain, and prevent seizures from reoccurring in your pet.

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Our online CBDworks the same for pets as it does for humans, except dosages will vary. All animals have cannabinoid receptors that transmit signals to its endocannabinoid system. CBD will help to maintain a state of homeostasis in pets by preventing anxiety, inflammation, pain, and seizures.

A general dosing guideline is to begin with 0.5mg CBD for every 1 lb of your pet’s weight. Start with this low CBD dosage and carefully monitor your pet’s behavior before administering more.

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There is no known cure for arthritis at this time. However, pet CBD helps to reduce pain signals, inflammation, and joint stiffness associated with arthritis, so your dog can remember what it feels like to be a pup again.

Generally speaking, pet CBD can be a positive natural health supplement for your dog. However, humans and animals each exhibit their own unique genetic dispositions that makes them respond differently to CBD. Speak with your vet about your dog’s current medical conditions and whether or notbuying CBDis the next step.

You may add CBD oil for pets directly into their mouth or mixed into their food. Alternatively, CBD Dog Chews are baked biscuits that are ready for your pet to eat as is. Simply feed a treat to your good pup according to the dosage guidelines on the bag.

Yes, CBD dog treats will mitigate your pet's anxiety. These delicious, plant-based treats feature potent CBD that helps to lower your pet’s stress and anxiety levels. Your dog will soon be feeling relaxed and emotionally at ease.

More About CBD For Your Fuzzy Friends

Natural, versatile, and effective—CBD works for pets. All animals are equipped with an endocannabinoid system that’s responsive to cannabinoids like CBD. This biological system works to regulate your pet’s mood, sleep, comfort, and recovery. We promise to provide CBD pet products that you can trust to be healthy, safe, and effective.

CBD oil for pets is available with your choice of full spectrum or THC-free broad spectrum oil CBD extract. Both versions derive from organic hemp and contain a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and minerals. Your feline and canine best friend will exhibit mental clarity while they rediscover the pep in their step.

Never synthetic or made from isolates, pet CBD is natural with a few delicious ingredients. CBD oil for pets is made with just two simple ingredients: hemp plant extract and organic natural flavoring. Should your pet favor something a little extra, we have CBD Dog Oil that’s infused with mouth-watering bacon flavor extract and CBD Cat Oil with a dash of delectable fish flavor extract. Available in a range of strengths and bottle sizes, you’re destined to find the right match that will help your pet feel their best. 

Advantages of Neurogan pet CBD:

  • Premium full spectrum and THC-free broad spectrum
  • Dosages for various pet sizes
  • Made with safe, healthy, and delicious ingredients
  • Laboratory tested to ensure product purity 

Learn about CBD Dosage for Dogs to find the right product and ways to administer CBD to your pets.

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