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Let us guess, you're here because you're ready to give CBD to your horse, but now you're wondering how to give CBD to your horse? We can help!

When we noticed that our  Neurogan CBD Horse Pellets were flying off the shelf, we were shocked. Truth be told, we had no idea just how much horses were in need of a great big dose of CBD-rich hemp. But the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. 

More than dogs or cats,  horses engage in a plethora of athletic activity with humans; they perform utilities like pulling carriages and serve as competitive riding and jumping companions. That's when we realized, it's no wonder that horses need CBD

With it's incredible ability to restore balance and promote inflammatory function, CBD is a marvelous supplement for a horse in need. In this essential guide, we'll cover 3 easy ways to incorporate CBD for your horse. Let's dive in!

1. Use CBD Horse Pellets

As many  horses large and small alike suffer from age-related difficulties as they develop, CBD has become a choice supplement as part of their daily meal. Horses are much larger than cats & dogs, so we created hemp horse pellets for a more powerful dose to fit their large stature.

What we love about  CBD horse pellets is that they're easy to use. Just add one scoop to your horse's food at meal time and odds are - they won't even notice the difference! 

The general recommendation for  CBD for horses is between 30-100MG per day. We've found that 30MG of CBD is a great dose to start at for horses, which is why the scoop we include in every pouch serves this dose. 

CBD horse pellets usage:

  • Add a full scoop (scoop included in the bag) to your horse’s meal daily.
  • Adjust accordingly after one week’s time.

CBD horse pellets dosage:

cbd horse pellets dosage

2. Use CBD Horse Massage Oil

Horses are our riding and jumping companions, so like any good athlete, they can suffer from muscle aches and pains. When this soreness is left untreated, recovery time can take much longer than it needs to. Luckily, you can show your hooved-pal a little love with our Neurogan CBD Horse Massage Oil

Our  CBD Horse Massage Oil targets inflammation, joint pain, allergies, arthritis and more! In fact, our founder created the first ever CBD horse massage oil for their family horse, Lukka, and decided to share it with the world! Help your horse recover and heal with hemp infused oil designed for muscle-deep nourishment. 

CBD horse massage oil usage:

  • Use your palm to gently massage the oil into your horse’s sore spots.

CBD horse massage oil dosage:

  • Squeeze the desired amount into your hand.
Use CBD Horse Massage Oil

3. Use CBD Horse Chews

Who doesn't love a snack? Even better, who wouldn't love a snack that makes you feel calm and at ease?

Treats are an easy way to give CBD to your horse and a wonderful way to reward four-legged friends. They offer an exciting detour from their regular food regimen, so they typically trigger excitement! Additionally, treats are easy - just give your horse one, and you're done! 

Reward your horse with our organic CBD horse chews with 10mg of full-spectrum hemp per chew and human-grade ingredients like almond butter and coconut oil to help your horse maintain physical & mental well-being, joint flexibility, a healthy inflammatory response, and energy production. 

Fun fact: Did you know horses are one of the easiest animals to give hemp-based CBD to? This is because they're already used to living off of plant-based foods like carrots, hay, and more. 

CBD horse chews usage:

  • Use once a day or on an as needed basis.

CBD horse chews dosage:

  • Start with one chew a day. Start low, go slow. 
Use CBD Horse Chews

In Conclusion

With CBD on their side, you'll have a healthier and happier steed in no time. Remember to always start low with your dosage and go slow. Monitor your equine friend while adding CBD to their daily regimen and be patient! Discover more about CBD for horses and how to give your horse CBD,  here

Our question to you:

We want to know, what have you found is the best way to give your horse CBD?

neurogan cbd for horses

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions and we'll be happy to speak with you.

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