How to Use CBD to Help Your Rescue Pet Feel at Home

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With more people staying at home than ever before, pet rescues across the country saw a monumental spike in rescue pet adoption and foster applications.

While this is such exciting news for furry friends who've long-awaited a safe home, with many people becoming first time rescue pet owners, they’re likely to find out that rescue pets have distinct needs and personalities that aren’t always the easiest to manage.

Many rescue pets have lived confined in cages with nowhere to call home, and unfortunate conditions like these can lead to a whole host of undesirable behaviors. The adjustment period can be tough, but thanks to CBD, training and calming your new family member just got a whole lot easier.

In this article we’ll explore CBD for pets and how it can help your rescue pet to adjust and thrive in their new home.

The 5 Most Common Behaviors Of Rescue Pets

1. Separation anxiety

Now that your rescue pet finally has a place to call home, it’s no wonder they won’t want you to leave!

For this reason, many rescue pet owners will place their rescue pets in a crate before they leave so that their household is protected from urination or chewing, but this confinement could trigger an even greater anxiety response for your rescue pet.

2. Aggression 

Many rescue pets had to grow up in conditions that taught them they needed to fend for themselves. They might be fiercely protective over their food or exhibit growling, snarling, or other unfriendly tendencies.

3. Fearfulness

Fearfulness in your rescue pet is common if they endured abuse or neglect. Some rescue pets can develop specific phobias surrounding people that may look like past abusers.

For example, a rescue dog may have a fear surrounding men due to a past owner, causing them to avoid male contact and retreat or feel the need to defend themselves in a man’s presence.

4. Using the restroom indoors 

Many rescue pets have never stepped foot inside of a home, so naturally, there’ll be an adjustment period as they figure out the correct place to use the restroom. Additionally, a new environment is always stressful, and stress can trigger behaviors like going to the restroom inside for a temporary period while your rescue pet becomes accustomed to their new space.

5. Destructive behaviors 

Destructive behavior is a symptom of anxiety and a coping skill that rescue pets turn to while they’re settling into their new environment.

Your rescue cat may decide to tear up a certain spot of carpet to expel pent up anxiety or your dog may chew on the remote, but they’re telling you the same thing: I’M ANXIOUS!

cbd for rescue pets

How Does CBD Work for Rescue Pets?

Sadly, so many behaviors that rescue pets exhibit come from past stressors. In fact, there’s evidence to support that aggression, destructive behavior, and fearfulness all stem from a common source of anxiety.

Perhaps your pet was abused or only slept outside for years on end, so it makes sense that adjustment and trusting that their new environment is safe will naturally bring out a whole myriad of undesirable behaviors.

It’s incredibly important to be patient with your pet during this time, and to lean on tools like CBD for pets. CBD steps in and interacts with the Endocannabinoid System to bring about remarkable results.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) exists in all mammalian bodies as the great regulator!

This system is designed to keep the body’s of humans, dogs, cats, horses, and more, within a range of healthy function. By helping to regulate the body, this system contributes to both physical and mental well-being.

When you or your pet take CBD, it signals the cannabinoid receptors that are part of this system to respond and bind to endocannabinoids (created by the body) and cannabinoids (plant cannabinoids) that are consumed.

When the receptors in the body bind with these cannabinoids, there are all types of ripple benefits that take place to support our bodies towards greater balance!

how cbd works for rescue pets

How CBD Can Help Rescue Pets

If your rescue pet is overly fearful, cautious, aggressive, or hyperactive, they are likely suffering from the residual effects of their previous situation.

When your rescue pet grew up in an unsafe environment, it triggered chronic stress that changed their brain chemistry, similar to humans when we go through stressful periods as well. CBD can help in large part due to its ability to calm overactivity and help bring a greater sense of balance.

Here are more of the reasons why CBD can be helpful.

Environmentally-induced stress 

Rescue pets can be easily triggered by environmentally induced stress, which can come in a lot of different forms: fireworks, car rides, visits to the vet, and so much more. CBD has been shown to work as a powerful mood balancing tool to help combat the stress induced in these situations.

Mental balance

If your furry friend is prone to getting aggressive or hyperactive, both reactions result from overactivity in the amygdala, the center of the brain that produces the anxiety response. Just a few drops of CBD oil for pets can help your pet to experience a greater sense of calm, leading them towards a more friendly and centered demeanor.

Mobility & physical wellness

If you adopted a senior pup or an older cat, they might be experiencing common aches and pains that come with old age. CBD has been shown to help support a healthy inflammatory response, which in turn, provides holistic pain relief. With this effect in action, you pet gives to live a much more comfortable life, ready to frolic and play pain-free.

how cbd can help rescue pets

How to Use CBD For Rescue Pets 

Using CBD for pets has never been easier with so many accessible options to choose from. Take your pets needs and behavior into consideration when choosing the right product, and always purchase CBD oil for pets or CBD pet treats from a provider who third-party lab tests their products and has a 30-day risk free trial in case it doesn’t provide your pet the relief it needs.

CBD Oil For Pets

CBD Oil for pets is a great option for pets who aren’t too picky and not too hard to get sitting still. CBD oil for pets can be administered orally or added to your pet’s food.

If your pet has an easy-going temperament and doesn’t put up too much of a fuss over changes in their food, it’s very simple to add to just a few drops to their daily meal. If your pet is quite good at staying still use one hand to open their mouth, and the other hand to either spray CBD pet oil into their mouth or administer a few drops.

CBD Pet Treats

CBD pet treats are the perfect option for those who have pets that are very food motivated and picky eaters. CBD pet treats are typically created with tasty ingredients that mask hemp’s natural taste so that your dog feels like they’re being rewarded like with any other treat.

Either crush up a treat into your dog’s food, or use it to reward your pet for good behavior by having them perform a few tricks.

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In Conclusion

Even though adopting a rescue pet can come with initial challenges, your patience and love will be rewarded with a companion to love you for years to come! CBD for rescue pets is a great option to help your pet adjust to your home and feel safe, perhaps for the first time in their life. 

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