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12 Amazon CBD Lab Results That Will SHOCK You

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FHave you ever bought CBD oil from Amazon? Well, the results are in... You probably did NOT buy CBD oil from Amazon. 

In this article, we'll share the lab results of  12 top-performing Amazon CBD products and provide you with the resources you need to be sure you're investing in high-quality products

Why it's important to us that you're informed

Our Insider Scoop Newsletter has been taking a deep dive into the world of supplements on Amazon as we perform our own investigations into the goings-on of this industry-dominating giant. Through taking a closer look, we've found that the Amazon marketplace is filled to the brim with businesses misleading consumers for their own gain with products that are mislabeled and certainly not CBD.

Here's more on why you should be in the loop:

  1. Amazon has become almost like a reflex for Americans today, we collectively need to exercise more caution.
  2. As a family-owned CBD company who invests a lot of time into ensuring the quality and purity of our products, we think it's only fair that all brands are held up to the same quality standards.
  3. With high-quality CBD's immense potential to help people, it's time to crack down on those who are cashing in on misinformed consumers.
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A closer look at Amazon CBD oils

CBD oil is not allowed to be sold on amazon

If you were to head to Amazon right now and type in, "CBD Oil", over 10,000 results would populate the page. But you'd soon notice that they aren't labeled, CBD oil. They'd instead say "Hemp Oil". This is because CBD oil is not currently allowed to be sold on Amazon.

This is a common labeling tactic that CBD manufacturers  use to make sure they have have a product that is always in compliance with an ever-changing market. So, when you see hemp oil on Amazon, it could mean one of two things:

  1. The bottle possesses oil from hemp and hemp seeds and has no CBD (most common)
  2. The brand is using the word 'hemp' in place of 'CBD' for legality, though it is indeed, CBD oil

While we know this is a confusing distinction, whether labeled as hemp oil or CBD oil, all Neurogan products have always been and always will be full-spectrum CBD products.

That being said, our case is not the norm. Even though we temporarily labeled our products as hemp oil while selling on Amazon, we always had the lab results to back up our products.

How manufacturers are cashing in

Now, imagine a manufacturer is selling hemp seed oil in 2010. The product would be purchased by the few interested in buying hemp oil for cooking or beauty purposes.

But now in 2019, hemp-based products are all the rage.

Manufacturers selling that same hemp seed oil product now can simply omit the word "seed" from the product labeling and dupe people into thinking they're buying a CBD product from Amazon.

In turn, these manufacturers quadruple their margins from the traffic of consumers who don't know any better. To avoid falling for misleading labels and ensure you're getting genuine CBD oil, find out where to buy CBD oil from trusted sources.

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Lab results for Amazon's best-selling CBD oils

We sent 12 of Amazon's top-performing CBD oils to our third-party laboratory, Infinite Chemical Analysis, to find out the CBD content the following products:

Lab results for Bioplow Hemp Oil 40000 mg
Lab results for Wellgrade Hemp Oil 50000 mg
Lab results for Canolane Hemp Oil 15000 mg
Lab results for Pharvest Hemp Oil 45000 mg
Lab results for Herdal Drops Cannable Hemp 52000 mg Oil
Lab results for Hemp King Hemp Oil 80000 mg
Lab results for Hemp Health Hemp Oil 70000 mg
Lab results for WiseHemp Ultra Premium Hemp Oil 3000 mg
Lab results for Organic Direct's Extra Strength Hemp Oil  50000 mg
Lab results for Hempable Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 40000mg
Lab results for Cultivax Hemp Oil 35000 mg

Amazon CBD Oil lab results interpreted:

Low/zero CBD content

All 12 hemp oils have LOW TO ZERO CBD content.

Additionally, notice that 9 of the oils read ND (Not detected) when it comes to CBD.

This wouldn't be a problem if they were just selling hemp oil, but one such product in this list is marketed as, "All-Natural Drops for Pain, Stress, Anxiety Relief, and Deep Restful Sleep".

How could this be true if there is no presence of cannabinoids in this tincture? And how could this simple hemp seed oil be providing such similar results to CBD oil? This is yet another obvious ploy to feed on consumer confusion.

Inflated MG concentrations

Your typical CBD product will show the amount of CBD on the front label as a number followed by the milligram abbreviation, MG. Some common concentrations of CBD are 500MG, 1000MG, and 2000MG.

However, in these lab results you'll notice extremely high numbers: 40,000MG, 50,000MG, and even an 80,000MG tincture.

Our question is, MG of what?

There is no CBD in these products and this is an obvious ploy to trick customers into thinking they are buying a high dose CBD oil.

How CBD lab results should look

Lab-test results are the biggest thing separating you from a good quality and a bad quality product. Third-party lab testing is the process of a company sending their products out to a private laboratory to verify the CBD content and purity (i.e. no chemicals or harmful bacterias). Thanks to third-party lab testing becoming an industry-standard for quality CBD and reputable brands, it's a lot easier to know who you can trust.

Here's what to look for in a thorough CBD results:

  • How much CBD is in the product
  • How much THC is in the product
  • Details on the cannabinoid profile

Here are Neurogan's third-party lab results for our 4000MG Hemp/CBD Oil:

Lab results for 4000mg Hemp Oil

Neurogan lab results interpreted:

High CBD/ total cannabinoid content

In our Neurogan 4000 Hemp/CBD Oil look at both the CBD & Total Cannabinoid section in the top ledger.


The CBD value in this tincture is 3,589.85MG. This is the total value of the cannabinoid CBD in the total tincture.

Total Cannabinoids

The Total Cannabinoids in this tincture are 4,143,20MG. This is a genuine CBD product.

Educational resources

Our mission is to educate consumers and help them to avoid buying low-quality supplements, especially when it comes to buying CBD online. We've compiled some resources for you to visit to learn more about how to avoid consuming a poor quality product. Check-out more of our Insider Scoop blogs to learn more.

neurogan real cbd oil organic non-gmo cta

Please reach out to us with all of your questions and we'll be happy to help.

Glory Rae Finnegan

BA, MA in Psychology Glory is a cannabis content writer and digital branding educator with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. She’s currently working towards her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Alliant University in California. Glory is passionate about human psychology, destigm...

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