Kelly Collins is the founder of Kelly Collins Wellness and an international yoga teacher.

When Kelly plans out her year, the first items on her agenda are yoga, yoga retreats, yoga workshops, and more yoga.

Founder of Kelly Collins Wellness, she's an international teacher that has lead retreats in Catalina, Peru, Santa Barbara, Iceland, Sri Lanka, and Greece. Yoga is more than a workout to this San Diego-based fitness instructor, it’s her sanity, "It has given me powerful practices to stay grounded and be able to recenter during travel or stressful periods of life. Overall, its slowed me down quite a bit (which, trust me, is a really good thing)”. And its yoga’s mental health benefits that she’s a true advocate of, as she believes that disconnection from the mind-body-spirit is nearing an epidemic, "We are now seeing how important it is to focus on overall wellbeing, how powerful intentional movement can be for the mind, and how powerful mindfulness and spiritual practices can be for healing the body. This is why I love the practice of yoga and natural supplements like CBD so much."

Alongside her yoga practice, Kelly is keen to promote all things natural, from a plant-based diet to herbal remedies. She first started using CBD to help with neck and back soreness and now uses it for morning focus, "I always tell people that it's a cure-all for me!”. Yet, she still has words of caution for those eager to make the switch to natural products, "I love natural products! That being said, I do believe that not all are created equal and it is important to always research the products you use to make sure that they are legitimate and high-quality. This is one of the reasons that I love Neurogan - the quality of the oil is proven through research and you can literally taste the quality and feel the effectiveness of the product."

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