Glory is a writer, dancer, and musician.

To those who know Glory- they’d describe her as happy, creative, and ambitious. A local San Diegan content writer & artist, she is somebody who loves to write songs, create art, and show her most authentic self to the world. But only now, amongst the current societal dialogue regarding mental health, has she felt empowered enough to share a more personal side to who she is. Glory has suffered from anxiety since she was a child, "Everyday I would deal with restlessness, brain fog, and intrusive thoughts that were a product of my tireless anxiety. Unless you have felt the first-hand repercussions of this condition, it is hard to encapsulate the type of psychological pain it yields." When seeking help in college Glory was disappointed in the guidance she received, "Doctors prescribed lots of anti-anxiety drugs for my condition, which all eventually flatlined and caused me to feel numb. I wanted to go a different route and explored natural healing methods such as meditation and mindfulness, but could only go so far on my own." Knowing her interest in holistic remedies, Glory’s boyfriend recommended she try CBD to help provide anxiety relief. With consistent use, she experienced incredible results, "I was skeptical but I gave it a try, and I can hardly communicate with enough enthusiasm, what an immense difference it has made in my life! After daily use of CBD oil, I feel as though a fog has lifted. I am more present in my own mind and aware of the thoughts that contribute to my anxiety. CBD oil does not silence anxiety, but it helped me to take a more active and conscious role in cultivating awareness in my mind." With her new mental clarity, Glory feels invigorated, "I feel more positive, and even more present with my loved ones. I believe this oil could produce benefits for anyone feeling mentally stuck or worn out. In today's modern world, CBD is an oasis for those of us who struggle to quiet our minds and relax."

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