Dr. Thomas Macsay

Dr. Thomas Macsay is a Naturopathic Doctor located in San Diego, CA with expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Thomas is passionate about herbalism and plant extraction, currently setting his sights on the sustainability, development, and execution of holistic products.

Thomas’ introduction to alternative medicine started at a younger age than most. His mother, a naturopathic doctor, was keen on teaching her children that the best remedies could be found in nature. Whereas most kids got a pill or syrup to ease a common cold, Thomas was treated with natural remedies: garlic infused honey or a diffuser filled with bergamot and tea tree oil to ease a stuffy nose. “This upbringing made me quite an oddball as a kid. (..) But I‘m grateful now, looking back. Without my mother’s influence I would have never found my place in the medical industry.”

Thomas, now a naturopathic doctor himself, took his interest in using traditional herbs to heal from being a kid hanging around local herbal shops all the way to receiving his Doctorate of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He’s created a career in healthcare that’s been both colorful and comprehensive; he’s studied sports medicine, kinesiology, IV therapy, energy healing, ayurveda, holistic nutrition, and so much more.

Close to the end of his doctoral program, the cannabis industry was taking off and Thomas was offered an opportunity to help launch a hemp and herbal medicine company, which came with important insights, “My colleagues and I were quickly and repeatedly exposed to the mass of CBD/Hemp companies that were popping up on the market, the wild claims, and the large amount of incorrect information and misunderstanding that existed within the industry.”

He sensed the emerging opportunity that the blooming CBD industry offered, “Plant based medicine was becoming widely accepted and used by millions of people for a variety of complaints, which presented an opportunity to introduce new herbs and educate individuals on herbal medicine as a whole.” He’s followed through on this intention, becoming a student of the hemp industry with a desire to educate people with credible, honest, and scientifically backed information; performing as an expert consultant within the CBD industry, he has to date, assisted in the development of over 60 CBD products from sunscreens, to teas, and more.

Neurogan is proud to have Dr. Thomas Macsay as part of our community. And FYI, he still loads up on that familiar dose of garlic anytime he senses a cold setting in.

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