Candice is a wife, devoted mother of two, and traveler located in San Diego.

Candice is in a serious relationship with nature. As a child, she would run and explore through the sea and snow; while as an adult, nature trails and beaches are her sanctuary and place of reconnection, a tool used to teach her family the importance of connecting, while disconnecting.

A mother of two and a self proclaimed "eco-warrior", Candice has been on a mission to extend her love and service of nature through not only creating an eco-friendly children’s clothing line ‘Little Nomad’, but by organizing MomPopnBabeOutdoor, a group with monthly-events for the community to connect and get outside. Through her thoughtful efforts, she acts as a conduit for environmental consciousness in her community and family, "I was meant to connect people with not only each other but also with nature."

In tandem with her love of all things green, it’s no surprise Candice chooses to treat her body with earth-grown remedies like CBD. While traveling, she had always been one to experience anxiety or an upset stomach, but not anymore. Candice’s affinities for yoga, writing, and raising passionate eco-warriors can stay her first priority, thanks to CBD. "CBD has given me back a quality of life that years of weakening pain and piles of prescription medications made me feel like I could never find again. I’m a huge advocate of CBD & especially Neurogan with no GMOs. I love a good seed to shelf product!"

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