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Your skin contains neurotransmitters called endogenous cannabinoids (ECS), which behave much in the same way that plant-based cannabinoids like CBD. When you apply a CBD topical salve to your skin, it activates the ECS receptors in your skin to support the skin organ’s function in maintaining homeostasis (balance).

CBD topicals support healthy skin and may reduce acne (specifically our CBD Face Cream and Night Serum)

A CBD topical lotion can provide a wide range of benefits. These can include hydrating dry skin, relaxing tired muscles, replenishing oils and keeping your skin looking its best.

There’s no trick to using CBD cream. Just apply it directly to your skin the same way you would any other skin care lotion, and reapply as needed.

That depends on what type of benefits you want to experience. If, for example, you’re looking to ease physical discomfort, you might want to use a higher concentration of CBD. For other effects, you should start by using a small amount and increase It each time until you get the results you want.

Don’t worry about getting high from topical CBD — our CBD products are made with hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC.

More About Our CBD Topicals

We’re proud to feature a wide array of CBD Topicals to meet your needs in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD extracts. All our products are backed by 3rd-party lab test results as well as GMP certification, so you can be sure of their quality. 

Grab our CBD lotion for all-over use and skin as soft as velvet with just a few pumps. Stock-up on our travel-friendly CBD balm, you can take with you on the go to add moisture back into the skin and protect it from dry environments.w. Lather on our CBD rub for your next adventure to support natural recovery and joint mobility. Finish off by floating on cloud 9 with our dreamy CBD massage oil for the ultimate self-care experience. 

Learn more about how a CBD lotion or balm works synergistically with our bodies and how topical CBD oils get absorbed into the skin in this helpful CBD and Skin Care guide.