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CBD Capsules

It's easy, just pop a CBD capsule.

CBD Capsules are created from raw, full-spectrum hemp plants and contain less than 0.3% THC. With your choice of 10-30MG of CBD per capsule, these nifty CBD pills are convenient and easy for CBD beginners to take on the go to help support a continuous sense of calm all day long. Explore the Benefits of CBD Capsules to discover more about the product.

CBD Capsules #1

CBD capsules are a popular method of consuming CBD as they’re convenient, portable, and tasteless. Classic CBD capsules contain pre-measured dry powered material in a capsule. Softgel capsules are also available for higher CBD potency requirements. Softgels contain CBD oil in a liquid-gel capsule for quick absorption..

You can make CBD capsules at home with finely ground hemp flower, capsules, and a capsule filling tray. Neurogan CBD capsules are conveniently made for you with either 20 MG or 60 MG of CBD per vegan capsule. CBD softgels can’t be made at home as they require special machinery to encapsulate CBD oil in a quick-dissolving gel-based capsule Neurogan’s CBD softgels contain 40MG or 125MG of CBD per capsule.

Hemp-derived CBD capsules are widely available in-stores and online without needing a prescription or medical cannabis card. The most convenient way to purchase CBD capsules is online—you get a wide variety, better prices, and the comfort of shopping at home. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, always ask to see a certified lab test to verify the contents of the CBD capsules..

To experience the full benefits of CBD, you want to take your CBD consistently—every day around the same time, as it may take some time for your endocannabinoid system to adjust to the introduced cannabinoids. Take your CBD capsules in the morning alongside a light meal to improve its absorption for general wellness support. Some people will take their CBD capsules in higher doses in the evenings, about an hour before their ideal bedtime for relaxation..

More About Our CBD Capsules

To compliment our customer-adored CBD Capsules, we created CBD Softgels, which can offer up to 25-40MG of CBD per softgel. Our CBD softgel capsules are small-sized CBD oil capsules that can pack a potent punch and are ideal for those with a bit of CBD experience under their belt. 

Both CBD Capsules & CBD Oil Softgels are travel-friendly and a great option for those on the go. When you buy CBD capsules from Neurogan, you’re helping yourself to the finest CBD on the market: it is GMP Certified backed with 3rd party Lab Results for purity. 

Check the article CBD Capsules vs Softgels if you are stuck between the two options. Also, use our helpful guide CBD Oil vs CBD Capsules to learn the difference between the two forms.