You Spoke, We Listened: Our New CBD Oil Experience

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As a local, small, family-owned business - we pay close attention to customer feedback and keep notes on your concerns both big & small. About two months ago, we accumulated all the feedback we've received since the start of Neurogan and got to work implementing your ideas for improvement while still staying true to the quality that we love to deliver. And, DRUMROLL... IT'S FINALLY HERE! We've created the improved CBD oil that you've been asking for!

Through the beneficial changes we've made, our CBD not only tastes better than our original recipe, but brings forth even greater quality and function. Here's what we've been up to.

 Improved & Natural Citrus Flavor

We've retired our signature citrus mint flavor for a more refined and smooth mild citrus flavor.

New Look & Oil Proof Label

We've put together a sleek new design to match our latest taste, with an easy rating system and a label that is completely oil-proof.

New Dropper

We've done away with a hard to open lid and created a dropper that features mL dose markings to encourage consistent daily dosage.

User-Friendly Dosage + 4000MG & 5000MG

The strengths and sizes of our CBD oils are now easier to understand than ever before. Our CBD collection features 1oz & 2oz sizes in 6 strengths of CBD oil, including our powerful new 4000MG & 5000MG extracts:

Neurogan CBD Oil Compact (1oz)

⌘ Light, 500MG

⌘ Elevated, 1000MG

⌘ Robust, 2000MG

Neurogan CBD Oil Full Size (2oz)

⌘ Balanced, 3000MG

⌘ Robust, 4000MG

⌘ Ultra, 5000MG

We wish you best on your health journey! Contact our team with all of your questions.

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