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Insider Scoop: Whoa, What Have You Been Smoking?

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Hey Health-Seekers

We don't mean to pry...

but we have to ask, what have you been smoking?

The reason we ask is that we know how easy it can be to borrow a friend's CBD vape during a late-night get together or to take a puff from a hand-rolled CBD joint without realizing the repercussions.

Because we're tellin' ya, there are definitely repercussions, and here's why.

Be Careful With Smokable Hemp

Be Careful With Smokable Hemp

Now don't get us wrong, smokable hemp is actually one of our favorite ways to get our daily CBD dose, but that's because we grow our own hemp and know all the ins & outs of its growth process; can you say the same for the random CBD products you've been smoking?

One of the coolest, craziest, and often misunderstood parts of hemp, is that it's a phytoremediator.

A phyto-remedi-WHAT?

A phytoremediator, meaning that it works like a natural soil vacuum cleaner; sucking out toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals straight from the dirt. In fact, farmers will use hemp as a rotation crop before starting an organic farm, because that's how good it is at cleaning soil.

But here's the bad news: when you smoke CBD from an unknown source, you could be ingesting significant amounts of heavy metals like arsenic and lead, and other pollutants due to CBD's special soil-cleaning skill. 

Shouldn't This Be Illegal?

Yes, the fact that CBD hemp products high in heavy metal are allowed to be sold is BAFFLING, especially when all products sold in the California market should at least be meeting proposition 65 standards.

If you remember from earlier Insider Scoops, Proposition 65 is a warning that the state of California requires businesses to display if their products contain ingredients that would expose consumers to significant levels of unsafe chemicals.

On platforms like Amazon, violations of these basic standards run rampant. Of course, hemp is our main source of interest, especially as it's a phytoremediator, but we'll have you know that ALL HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS you buy from non-reputed brands are at risk for being high in toxic heavy metals, as evidenced from our Amazon Spirulina testing early last year.

Companies who sell products in violation of this law will be persecuted with a civil suit if it's discovered that they are selling unethical products.

But that is only if they get caught.

Shouldn't This Be Illegal?
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Why Aren't More Products Being Tested?

There is one answer to this question: money.

Since the start of Neurogan we've spent a grand total of $287,000 in lab testing alone to ensure our products are safe. Many companies assume that they won't get caught in bad business practices and continue to sell unsafe herbal supplements simply because they don't want to spend this kind of money. 

In short, don't mess around with unsafe smokeables that can harm your health. Give our Neurogan CBD smokeables a shot.

When we tell our customers that our 3rd party laboratory tested CBD smokeables kick into action within just 5 minutes, we're not kidding around.

CBD smokeables have been shown to go to work within as little as 5-7 minutes with a present effect for approximately 90 minutes.

Grab yourself CBD flowers, CBD pre-rolls, or CBD Neurogettes and catch-up on some you-time.

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