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We know that a lot is going on — Both in the micro and macro sphere of life.

We’re always on the lookout for health and wellness tips that can carry us through life feeling our best. By locating quality products, you can make your wellness journey something indulgent, thorough, and lasting.

First, a word of caution when it comes to CBD products...

Beware of the many scam CBD oils on the market. You can't always trust what's on the label, so make sure you read the Certificate Of Analysis by a third-party lab to verify your oil's contents.

Let’s get into why high-potency CBD is best for reaching the desired benefits and for protecting your wallet...

Neurogan CBD 12000mg

We believe in the value of a world where plant-based wellness and holistic practices are affordable while creating a single, powerful tincture that is more environmentally efficient within a business.

Every drop of our CBD 12000mg is made with plant-based ingredients ripened to perfection, followed by our team's artisanal development in sunny California.

These CBD tinctures are made with only a few simple ingredients— C02 extracted CBD oil, coconut-based MCT Oil, and, if you choose, the added natural flavors of cinnamon or citrus.

You’ll notice the quality in potency and freshness of our CBD products, and we honestly could not be prouder.

Go ahead, try the magic for yourself.

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