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Insider Scoop: CBD Without THC Is Wellness

THC is a Tricky Compound

THC has its benefits, but it's not always ideal for some people's lifestyles, which is why we offer products made with THC-Free Broad Spectrum extracts.

THC is a Tricky Compound

You read that right.

Without THC, our oils leverage the entourage effect—the synergistic interactions of hemp’s naturally derived compounds for a potent influence on mood, sleep, natural recovery, and overall well-being.

This is possible by remaining committed to integrity from seed, harvest, and a gentle artisan extraction process.

Whether it be a lifestyle, career, religion, or other personal reasons that you choose to go without THC, you deserve quality hemp products that align with your wellness goals.

Pick the plant-based choice with Neurogan THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and try something that is good for you.

Neurogan THC Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 2000MG in a 1oz amber colored glass bottle with white rubber dropper top

CBD Oil THC-Free 2000 MG

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CBD Oil 2000 MG THC-Free Broad Spectrum (1oz) boasts a rich blend of natural cannabinoids that promote profound relaxation and physical ease. Each half-dropper serving contains 33.3MG, providing a delightful...

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