Insider Scoop: CBD Tea is Back & Better Than Ever

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Hey Wellness Seekers,

Our CBD TEA IS BACK for the first time in 1 year.

And we know you missed it - because you told us. We received countless emails in 2020 asking, "When will CBD tea be back in stock?"

Well, they're HERE!

Our cozy CBD teas are now stronger and better than before. Let's revisit this wholesome, whole-plant product and give it the warm welcome it deserves, shall we?

Hey Wellness Seekers

CBD Tea: A Product Close to Our Heart

Did you know that CBD tea served as the inspiration for Neurogan?

Our founder, Jan Brandrup, grew up in Funen, Denmark watching his Grandmother Karen drink hemp tea each morning for her aches and discomfort. In these hygge moments, he felt inspired to provide the magic of hemp to many with the hopes that it could help them too.

This is how a simple, warm cup of tea brought you the Neurogan you know and love today. Thanks, Grandma Karen!

What's The Same & What's Better?

If you've tried our CBD tea, you know that it helps to draw you into the present moment, giving you the peace to start your day mindfully or to end the day with a sense of relaxation.

What's the Same:

Our tea still comes in two tasty flavors and effects.

CBD Tea: Single-source hemp tea to bring you complete CBD benefits.

CBD & Chamomile Tea: A blend of CBD & Chamomile to support a good night's sleep.

What's Better:

Thanks to our fresh 2020 hemp harvest, we managed to create our strongest tea formula ever. We more than doubled the dose in both tea variants to make them more potent for maximum chill:

CBD Tea: 45MG per tea bag for the CBD experienced.

CBD & Chamomile Tea: 20MG per tea bag for CBD beginners. 

What's The Same & What's Better?

The Benefits of CBD Tea

Supports Comfort

A review by Frontiers of Pharmacology found CBD to be effective in the management of physical discomfort, while highly unlikely to cause negative side effects [1].

A Good Night's Sleep

A study by The Journal of Psychopharmacology found that daily administrations of CBD exhibited a significant increase in the total percentage of sleep compared to a placebo group [2].

Raw & Unfiltered

It's rare that a CBD product gives you direct access to the raw, unprocessed hemp plant. CBD tea is made with carefully ground mature hemp plants, rich with a full cannabinoid profile to provide the entourage effect.

Supports a Normal Stress Response

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that CBD helped to support a normal stress response in animal-based studies. Subjects were found to have decreased behavioral signs of stress and lowered heart rate [3].

Don't Miss This Release...

Just because our CBD Teas are BACK IN STOCK, doesn't mean they'll stay that way. In fact, our first batch is going quick and we don't want you to miss it.

If you're still not convinced this stuff is magic, here are some quips directly from our customers:


"Great tasting and fast-acting"

"My favorite night time tea"

"Has a nice calming effect"

"An invaluable part of my daily regimen"

"Helps me sleep like a baby after a day of work."

Check out the stellar reviews here and learn more about the benefits of CBD tea on our blog. Be sure to swoop up your CBD tea in time for National Hot Tea Month to curl up, unravel, and rest.

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