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Hey Wellness Seekers,


Help us welcome our first-ever CBD Gummies designed specifically to help support better Zzz's: Neurogan CBD Sleep Gummy Squares + Melatonin.

Keep reading to learn about these amazing little snooze-inducing chews that'll have you knocked out, lights out, in FULL hibernation mode.

Why It's Important to Protect Your Zzz's

Sleep is a primal function that effects nearly every aspect of waking life, including mental, emotional, and physical health.

Unfortunately, many elements of today's world threaten the quality of our sleep from blue light and environmental stressors, to the current unfolding of the pandemic.

If you've felt the itch to explore CBD or melatonin, the good news is that you don't have to choose between the two! If past experience with both CBD and melatonin has proven to yield positive results for you - you can stack the two.

Let's dive into the unique function that each serves...

CBD or Melatonin for Sleep?

Both CBD and melatonin have been shown to be helpful in the realm of sleep for different purposes.

CBD is known for helping to support:

  • A sense of relaxation
  • Mood
  • Normal inflammatory function

A 2017 literature review by Current Psychiatry Reports found that CBD may have promising therapeutic effects for sleep due to its influence on normal inflammatory function and mood*.

Melatonin, on the other hand, is well observed for helping to support:

  • Jet lag
  • Natural sleep-wake cycles
  • Decreased time falling asleep

Even more exciting than melatonin's ability to help us recalibrate sleep wise, is current research findings that it can help us to fall asleep faster.

CBD or Melatonin for Sleep?

What is CBD and Melatonin's Interaction?

CBD and melatonin interact in a unique way to help support healthy sleep: melatonin has been shown to help you fall asleep quicker, while CBD lends itself to sleep quality through supporting mood and inflammatory function.

However, dosage is an important factor in this interaction. Whereas CBD has the ability to be well tolerated in high dosages, melatonin does not.

With melatonin, less is more: 1-5MG seems to be the sweet spot for most popular melatonin products. Stay away from high doses of melatonin in order to avoid grogginess the morning after.

To learn more about CBD and Melatonin, visit our blog: CBD or Melatonin for Sleep: Which Should I Choose?

The Low-Down on CBD Sleep Gummy Squares

CBD brings the chill, melatonin brings the snooze. Grab up a bottle of our CBD Sleep Gummy Squares and enjoy:

  • 45MG of CBD
  • 3MG of Melatonin
  • Full Spectrum or THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Tasty Wild Berry Flavor

We didn't miss a single important factor when it came to creating these tasty chewables; a potent 45MG dose of your choice of full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD combines with a smooth 3MG of melatonin to help support a good night's rest.

The best part? Every little chewable is made with USA grown hemp and artisan batched by our team. 

Sweet dreams!

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