How to Have the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure with CBD

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The average Western lifestyle is most often in contact with stucco, carpet, and blue lights emanating from our phones - rather than leaves, trees, and fresh air. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. 

Whether we’ve felt the incredible rush of clarity after a long hike or the gratitude of returning to our beds after an extended camping trip, we all know how healing it is to be in communion with nature and have at one time or another felt its richness permeate both our physical and mental well-being.

While the term, “the indoor generation” has risen to prevalence to describe our modern lives, we have some sage advice: GET OUTDOORS! And have no fear, CBD is here to help.


Supports First-Time Camping Jitters

Look, we get it - camping can be scary. It gives true distinction to the phrase, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”. Whatever you may call those gnawing thoughts and feelings - jitters, stress, nerves, anxiety - they can be all-consuming and uncomfortable.

What you need to understand is that nerves are your friend, they're an adaptive response that has helped humans to survive and protect their safety for thousands of years, but they can get out of hand from time to time. Known for being able to enhance physical and mental well-being, CBD can help you get over first-time jitters.

Promotes Normal Sleep in Unfamiliar Terrain

Sleeping in a tent presents challenges that most of us aren’t used to; temperatures drop at night leaving us cold, sleeping on the floor makes us toss and turn, and being in unfamiliar territory can make our minds wander.

What we tend to overlook is the beauty of sleeping under the stars, which is where CBD can come in handy, it helps to support normal sleep habits. 

Supports Normal Muscle Recovery

If you’ve pushed yourself on a hike or during a demanding work-out, sometimes soreness can prevent you from staying on track with your goals. CBD helps to decrease time spent between workouts by helping to support normal muscle recovery. 

Helps Support Cognitive Function

With our minds constantly buzzing about topics related to work, school, or family - it’s easy to miss out on the present moment. CBD helps to support cognitive function so it’s easier to step into the present moment and enjoy the beauty of one’s surroundings - a wonderful tool to be used in conjunction with Mother Nature.

Helps Support Cognitive Function

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