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CBD Flower Wholesale: Guide To Shopping For Premium Hemp

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Neurogan offers bulk CBD options at wholesale prices to retailers who value the health potential of hemp and value high standards throughout the entire farming and production process.

The CBD landscape is constantly changing with new evolutions of concentrates and edible infusions becoming more and more popular. One offer that seems evergreen and constantly in high demand is the simple, high-quality CBD flower.

Hemp flower is the most natural way to enjoy the benefits the hemp plant has to offer—and there are plenty of ways to use it.

All our Neurogan full spectrum and THC-broad spectrum extract products start with the humble hemp flower. Our wholesale hemp is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and USA-grown for quality control, freshness, and high agricultural safety standards.

If you're interested in partnering with a brand that takes their hemp seriously, you've come to the right place.

What Is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is another term for hemp flower.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids concentrated in the resin glands of the cannabis plant's flowers.

Hemp flower must have less than 0.3% THC by weight to be considered a hemp plant and not marijuana. In 2018, the sale of hemp officially became federally legal, providing American farmers with new opportunities to expand their business and stimulate the economy.

The important factor to understand when shopping for CBD flowers is that it must come from hemp—and not high CBD marijuana—which is still a Schedule I substance.

At 0.3% THC, hemp flowers will not produce psychoactive intoxicating effects.

The flowers are typically harvested in mature hemp plants before it's dried and cured to enhance the flavor profile from terpenes. This is a very careful process as cannabinoids and terpenes are sensitive to light, heat, and oxidation. To prevent the breakdown of cannabinoids and to maintain a rich flavor profile, the hemp flower is cured in a very specific process.

What Can You Do With Hemp Flower?

What Can You Do With Hemp Flower?

High CBD hemp flower is extremely versatile.

Similar to marijuana flowers, you can smoke CBD hemp flower, enhance your cooking with CBD butter, formulate topical products, or make it into herbal teas to support relaxation and sleep.

One of the reasons people seek out hemp flower over concentrate-based products is to use hemp in its most natural form and leverage the benefits of the entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is the most holistic way to harness the benefits of hemp. It's based on scientific research in plant medicine that found that plant compounds are more potent and produce balanced effects when taken together in their most natural form.

While CBD is the main cannabinoid in hemp, you also have CBN, CBG, THC, and CBC, along with terpenes that contribute to the effect profile and wellness benefits. Many CBD products on the market are made using concentrated CBD extract, the process of making extracts may strip away some of the added plant compounds and phytonutrients.

CBD isolate products—products that only contain CBD—don't have the ability to leverage the power of the entourage effect, so it ends up being much milder in its effect profile and doesn't typically have flavor unless it's added.

Although CBD flower may not be as potent as your CBD oils or capsules made with hemp extracts, some people may prefer flowers for a more gentle and natural way to enjoy the benefits of hemp.

The Importance Of A Choosing CBD Flower Wholesale Supplier

There are a lot of costs involved when starting up a CBD business.

If you're looking to start up a CBD brand without having to jump through all the logistic hoops and expenses—like, farming, harvesting, processing, and testing—partnering with a wholesale CBD supplier is the fastest way of entry into this industry.

It's important that you look for more than the price tag in a partnership. After all, the quality and safety of the product you sell, under your branding, will be a direct reflection of your business' values.

Because the production and sale of hemp products are relatively new in the United States, and the FDA is still working on regulation processes, there are a lot of products that make it to market that either aren't in compliance with federal law (containing higher levels of THC) or they're contaminated with harmful substances from the farming and packaging, which means it could pose a danger to your customers.

Why Buy Neurogan Wholesale CBD Flower?

American-Farmed Hemp

A healthy CBD hemp flower starts with rich soil. We sun-grow our hemp along the Pacific Coast to its peak harvest.

The United States has high standards when it comes to hemp farming, and we wanted our high CBD hemp flower to come from clean, uncontaminated soil, a plant-loving environment, and without the use of pesticides or harmful fertilizers that could affect the final quality of the flower.

Hemp farm

Third-Party Lab Tested

It's no secret that the CBD space is full of scam artists—it's a relatively new industry with a lot of competition.

While testing for your bulk CBD products isn't a mandatory practice in the industry, the top CBD suppliers prioritize quality control and safety to ensure the integrity of their brands.

All Neurogan products undergo third-party lab testing for a non-biased lab that provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA) proving that the flower strains maintain the legal THC threshold (0.3%) and are free from harmful contaminants, including pesticides, heavy metals, or mold.

If your business values customer transparency and safety, we can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your wholesale CBD flower comes from a clean source with the COA to back it up.

Work With A Family Owned-Company

Neurogan is not another faceless group in the CBD industry. This is a family-owned business with a genuine passion for how cannabis can improve people's lives.

When you partner with us, you'll deal with a dedicated team that also cares about the success of your business. With a private label partnership, we can help set you up with branding and packaging to make your dream CBD products come to life.

Autopilot CBD Hemp Flower

The strain of hemp we use for our CBD extracts and wholesale hemp flower is called Autopilot.

Autopilot is a cross between the classic strains, Big Bud and Ruderalis for a high CBD yield, industrial hemp crop that's easy to grow, and FDA compliant—it has a diverse of cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBG) while still maintaining less than 0.3 % THC (Delta 9 THC).

We love this particular strain of hemp flower because you'll notice that the buds are saturated with trichomes. Trichomes are hair-like glands on the cannabis flower that house cannabinoids and terpenes.

Autopilot has large flower buds and a slightly musky, earthy flavor with notes of rosemary, pepper, and parsley in its terpene profile that makes for a smooth flavor. Many people enjoy smoking this strain because it doesn't seem to irritate the lungs as harshly as other strains.

What Are Terpenes?

You may have noticed that not all hemp flower strains or marijuana flowers smell the same—some can smell citrusy and even sour, while others have a cheesy or earthy aroma. Without examining the buds under the microscope, the scent is one of the ways we can identify between cannabis strains.

What you're smelling are the terpenes.

Terpenes are aromatic molecules found in plants that have health benefits as well—think of the aromatherapy with essential oils—the terpene profiles contribute to the overall effect of the cannabis strains.

Prominent Terpenes In Autopilot :

  • Limonene: also found in citrus fruits, limonene is a terpene that energizes and uplifts the senses.
  • beta-Caryophyllene: has unique properties to bind to C2 receptors (like a cannabinoid) to support a healthy immune response and comfort levels.
  • alpha-Bisabolol: has a mild floral fragrance found in apples and chamomile flowers. It supports relaxation and has uplifting effects.

Neurogan CBD Hemp Flower Products

CBD flower is a versatile product that flies off the shelves. You can either bulk buy it in its most natural form, or get it packaged as CBD hemp cigarettes, or CBD teas.

We'll run through our wholesale hemp flower options for you here.

Full Spectrum CBD Flower

This is the rawest and natural form of our 100% full spectrum CBD flower, and our most versatile product option. Your customers can smoke this in their whole herb vaporizing devices, roll it into hemp cigarettes, or cook with it to enhance their meals.

Full Spectrum CBD Flower

CBD Hemp Cigarettes

For those wanting a ready-to-smoke option, we have marijuana-free and tobacco-free CBD flower cigarettes.

You won't find any additives or fillers in these pre-rolled herbal cigarettes—just premium quality, full-spectrum CBD flower. With up to 140MG of CBD per pre-roll, it's become many of our customers' favorite ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Neurogettes CBD Cigarettes 1200MG
CBD Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes

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The best-selling CBD cigarettes from 2022 are back & better than ever! Delivering 504MG across 18 cigarettes, each hemp cigarette is crafted from 100% hemp flower grown every October, ensuring 28MG...

CBD Teas

The Autopilot hemp flower is harvested at peak sun season to leverage the aromatic compounds, which lends it its rich, earthy flavor that's perfect as a caffeine-free tea option to support a sense of wellness and relaxation.

Our CBD teas are available in the natural, full spectrum hemp option or with camomile for the added benefits of apigenin and bisabolol—the active compounds in camomile that support relaxation.

Neurogan CBD tea
CBD Tea Bags

CBD Tea Bags

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JUST IN: NEW CBD Teas are coming your way, stay tuned. Taking orders from September 21st. CBD Tea 900MG is the epitome of hygge, or coziness, as it brings you...

Buying Wholesale Hemp Flower With Neurogan

Our team at Neurogan loves to help businesses jump into the booming CBD industry by offering exceptional customer service and premium CBD products at competitive wholesale pricing.

Whether you run an eCommerce store or have a health and wellness practice and you'd like to brand your own line of CBD products, we can help you out with several options.

    Drop shipping Services: Our drop shipping program eliminates the need to keep a warehouse for your products and fulfill orders. We'll keep your CBD hemp flower or your other Neurogan CBD products on-site and fulfill your orders for you, saving time and space.

    Wholesale (Personal Retail): White label and private label options are available to our wholesale partnerships that can provide you with customized branding options or work with our team to formulate a unique CBD product.

    To find out more about how you can become a wholesale CBD flower partner or have questions about any of our product offerings, don't hesitate to reach out to our team!


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    What is CBD flower?

    Hemp flower is another name for CBD flower. CBD is one of several cannabinoids found in the resin glands of cannabis plant flowers. Flowers are typically harvested from mature hemp plants before being dried and cured to improve the flavor profile due to terpenes. To be considered a hemp plant rather than marijuana, a hemp flower must contain less than 0.3% THC by weight.

    What is wholesale CBD flower?

    Neurogan's team enjoys assisting businesses in entering the rapidly growing CBD industry by providing exceptional customer service and premium CBD products at competitive wholesale pricing.

    What is the best CBD flower?

    CBD flower is a flexible and popular product that is available in bulk in its most natural form, as well as packaged variations such as CBD hemp cigarettes or CBD beverages. However, it is critical to look at more than just the price. All Neurogan products are analyzed by an independent third-party lab, which provides a Certificate of Analysis to see the purity of the product.

    What are the CBD flower benefits?

    CBD hemp flower can aid in relaxation and sleep. One of the reasons people choose hemp flower to concentrate-based products is that it allows them to utilize hemp in its most natural form while still reaping the benefits of the entourage effect.

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